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Published: 14 December 2018

    Whilst consuming less is always the easiest way to avoid waste, recycling right will go a long way to helping keep waste out of landfill and minimising our impact on the environment.

  1. Christmas Trees: Many studies show buying a real Christmas tree is the most environmentally friendly option. If you bought a real Christmas tree, it can be left out with you green lid organics bin when you’re finished with it. It will be collected on your scheduled service day for recycling. If you’ve invested in a plastic tree, make sure to re-use it every year to ensure its environmental impact is minimal.
  2. Wrapping paper, ribbons and cards: Paper and cardboard is recyclable, so choose this material over plastics or cellophane. Remember to place all paper and cardboard packaging into your yellow lid recycling bin. Try to remove any sticky tape first; these go into the red general waste bin.
  3. Plastic bags and other soft plastics: These CANNOT go into your recycling bin at home, but they can be taken to your local Woolworths or Coles stores for recycling via their program Redcycle.
  4. Bottles, jars and drink cans: Please make sure that all your bottles, jars and cans are placed loosely into your yellow lid recycling bin. Please remember to rinse them, separate the lids and remove them from plastic bags first.
  5. Leftover food: This is the biggest cause of festive waste. Get creative with your leftovers and reuse that food to make something new. Visit Love Food Hate Waste for clever recipes using left overs and tips on food storage. As a last resort, you can place any kind of food waste into your green lid organics bin for recycling. Scraps can be wrapped in newspaper, but no plastic bags please.
  6. Disposable plates, cups cutlery and paper napkins: These cannot be recycled. Please choose reusable alternatives instead. If you can't avoid disposable items, make sure you use biodegradable options like paper plates and bamboo or timber cutlery.

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