Cutler footway closure – mid year

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Published: 22 January 2019

The City of Sydney and Woollahra Municipal Council will replace the Cutler footway and refurbish Burton Street Bridge and the surrounding ageing infrastructure in mid 2019.

The new design will provide a new road pavement on top of the existing surface of the bridge, creating a foundation for a new footway.

A program of work has been developed that aims to reduce disruption to the local community. Construction will take place in phases.

Burton Street will need to be partially closed and parts of Boundary Street and Barcom Avenue may need to temporarily be closed for work to take place.

Repairs to cracks and drainage work will have been carried out before the main work starts. Boundary Street beneath the viaduct arch has also been upgraded by installing new lighting under the bridge to improve visibility for people crossing the road, new line markings to increase the separation of cars and pedestrians, and a separation kerb to improve pedestrian safety at a key crossing point.

Main works will begin in mid 2019.

Alternative pedestrian access

For direct access between Burton and Liverpool streets, you can use the stairs on the other side of the bridge. This route is a similar distance and includes 44 steps.

For step-free access when heading eastbound:

  • walk 130m along West Street
  • turn right on Liverpool Street and walk 150m
  • continue straight ahead on Glenview Street for 50m
  • turn right on Liverpool Street and walk 100m to MacDonald Street.
  • The step-free route is about 250m longer than the direct route. We will continue to monitor these routes to ensure they are safe, clean and well lit.

Transport for NSW is providing free bus travel across the bridge.

For more information, please contact:

Adam Lander
Senior Community Engagement Coordinator
9265 9333

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