What's in this year's budget?

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What's in this year's budget?

Published 6 July 2020

This financial year we will invest $4.1 million on road and footpath upgrades, $2.7 million on park and open space projects and $2.52 million to support small local businesses and our commercial centres during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a total expenditure of $118.798m, the recently endorsed 2020/21 Delivery Program and Operational Plan outlines a range of initiatives which will benefit our community, invest in local infrastructure, stimulate our local economy and protect our local environment.

Some of the budget highlights for 2020/21 include:

  • $4.1m on road, footpaths and kerb and gutter renewal and upgrades
  • $2.7m on parks and open space projects
  • $250k on playground renewal works at Plumb Reserve
  • $150k on major sportsfield renovations
  • $360k to support housing for victims of domestic violence
  • $320k for the new Woollahra Gallery at Redleaf.

Mayor of Woollahra Susan Wynne said the 2020/21 Delivery Program and Operational Plan reflects the changes we have had to make in response to COVID-19 and our ongoing priority to service our community.

“In this year’s operational plan and budget, you’ll see some changes to our usual operations as we’ve redirected resources to offer support to local small businesses and the community as we recover from COVID-19,” the Mayor said.

“What remains steadfast is our commitment to meeting the needs of our community, providing financial sustainability and integrity, maintaining a strong commitment to service, good governance and economic, cultural and environmental leadership.

“Feedback from you, our community, continues to inform our short term and long term goals and decisions.

“All our decisions and work is influenced by our central objectives of delivering community wellbeing, quality places and spaces, a healthy environment, local prosperity, community leadership and participation,” the Mayor said.

Read more in the 2020/21 Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

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