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Lyne Park Tennis Centre's new solar system

Lyne Park Tennis Centre's new solar system

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Published 27 May 2021

It’s a great to see many local organisations taking positive action to help address climate change.

Investing in renewable energy solutions not only makes sense for the environment, but also for the bottom line of local organisations and businesses.

Here are the stories of Vet HQ in Double Bay and the Lyne Park Tennis Centre and their recent investments in renewable energy.

Lyne Park Tennis Centre goes solar

The Lyne Park Tennis Centre is now powered with sunshine, having just installed a 8kW solar power system on their roof, as part of the Tri-Council Solar my Club program.

The 27 panels will help the centre:

  • Produce free clean green energy on-site to power their facilities
  • Reduce their electricity running costs by $3k each year
  • Avoid 8 annual tonnes of carbon emissions by using renewable energy, equivalent to taking 3 cars off the road each year
  • Normalise solar power in the community by promoting this concrete sustainability solution to members, staff and patrons.

The Tri-Council Solar my Club program, jointly run by Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils, offers free support to clubs and community organisations in the eastern suburbs to install solar. Currently 26 organisations are participating and on their way to a renewable energy future. The initiative builds on the success of the award-winning Solar my School program which has helped 7 Woollahra LGA schools install solar and reap the benefits.

Find out more about Solar my Club or email

Business sustainability action - solar at Vet HQ

Solar system on the roof of Vet HQ

Vet HQ in Double Bay has committed to reducing their carbon footprint and they've recently installed 42 solar panels on their roof, aiming to reduce their emissions by a whopping 50%. They're also striving to reduce waste by continuing to streamline their recycling system.

Geoff Golovsky, Director of Vet HQ says, "People don't realise how easy it is to make a difference. I was inspired by a speaker at a recent vet conference, then asked for some advice and decided on a system. Solar is ideal for our business as we use most of our energy during the day while the sun is shining."

Congratulations Vet HQ for putting your sustainability ideas into action! Local businesses can email our sustainability team for information about installing solar and we can put you in touch with Geoff for some extra tips.

Our new sustainability program, Our Environment Our Business supports and shares stories of local businesses who are leading the way with sustainability action. If you know a local business who is committed to taking positive action for our environment, let us know about it!

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    Small business; Sustainability

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