Summer reads: top picks from our library team

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Summer reads: top picks from our library team
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Published 20 December 2019

Are you looking for a good book for the summer holidays? Check out the top 10 recommendations from the experts in our Library team.

  1. Erin – Saltwater by Jessica Andrews.

    “A lyrically written coming of age story with intriguing characters, it really evokes the scenery of urban London and rugged Ireland. I came for the careful observations, and stayed for the poignant one-liners. 5/5, would (will) read again”

  2. Patra – There, there by Tommy Orange

    “A rare representation of urban Native American culture in the 21st century. I loved the chorus of narrative voices that thread together to form this story: a multitude of characters that are damaged and broken and occupying various positions along the moral spectrum. All leaping straight off the page with their own unique voice and story. Overall, a great exploration of place and identity and how despite the best efforts of colonial decimation, an ancient culture manifests itself in a modern world. 5/5”

  3. Lauren C – Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

    I’ve described this book as being like an Audrey Hepburn movie. It tells the story of Evvie, about to leave her long unhappy marriage when her husband is killed in a car accident. Unable to tell anyone she is not the grieving widow they expect, she finds herself stuck. A friend asks her if she would consider renting part of her house to Dean Tenney, a once famous baseball pitcher who has a case of the yips and can no longer pitch. He’s looking to leave New York and reassess his future, and the small fishing village in Maine seems perfect. Some romance ensues, but the story is really about each of these characters deciding what is important in life and forging a way forward. This is a debut work by Linda Holmes, more well known for her podcast work on NPR. A lovely feel good read with some depth, perfect for the holidays. 5/5”

  4. Joan – This is going to hurt: secret diaries of a junior doctor by Adam Kay

    “Never laughed so much…until the ending. 5/5”

  5. Lauren – The Last by Hanna Jameson

    “This book is a breathtaking dystopian psychological thriller following an American academic stranded at a Swiss hotel as the world descends into nuclear war—along with twenty other survivors—who becomes obsessed with identifying a murderer in their midst after the body of a young girl is discovered in one of the hotel’s water tanks. 4.5/5”

  6. Erin F. - Unconditional Love: A Memoir Of Filmmaking & Motherhood by Jocelyn Moorhouse

    “In this frank, funny and profoundly moving memoir, the gifted Aussie director behind Proof and The Dressmaker dishes amusingly and candidly on the film industry while also bravely laying bare the challenges of raising two children who experience autism. It's wildly entertaining and utterly heartbreaking all at the same time. 4.5/5”

  7. Kerry-Ann - Cilka’s journey byHeather Morris

    Follow up to the Tattooist of Auschwitz. As with the Tattooist of Auschwitz a difficult book to read but it is a story that needs to be told. I found the courage and optimism of the characters inspiring. 5/5”

  8. Fiona – Lanny by Max Porter

    I did read some great books this year but for me the standout was Lanny by Max Porter.

    The story of a missing child written as a fable about love , loss and a rural community, Porter’s gift is his ability to effectively tell the narrative from multiple perspectives .

    A moving and beautifully written novel. 4.5/5”

  9. Alice – The Nancys by R.W. R. McDonald

    Set in small town New Zealand, it tells the story of Tippy Chan. She's loved her Uncle's collection of Nancy Drew novels and wants to solve a crime of her own - but living  in a small town, nothing much needs solving... until there is a murder in the town.

    The story is fast-paced, written with a sense of humour that made me laugh out loud - not one to read on public transport!

    I loved the location of the story, the roll-around-the-floor laughs, and the tenderness that Tippy's uncle shows to her during some emotional times. The writing is engaging, the story rolls along - it's a page-turner. 4/5”

  10. Lisa - Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

    “When a famous author is found dead just after the final page of his new manascipt is found missing, the search for the missing page and murderer become entwined, with the plot of his new novel seeming to mirror real life. The hunt is on.

    A brillant book that's written a little differently. 4.5/5.”

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