New COVID-19 digital check-in rules for hospitality venues and other businesses

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New COVID-19 digital check-in rules for hospitality venues and other businesses
    COVID-19; Small business

Published 27 November 2020

Recording customer information digitally is now mandatory for many NSW businesses and venues, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Under new NSW Government COVID-19 digital check-in rules, contact details of customers and staff must be recorded using QR codes or other electronic forms, to make it easier to rapidly contact customers of an affected business if necessary. Any businesses that do not record contact details will face strict penalties.

When customers enter venues without a mobile phone, venues are asked to record their details and time of entry on another device. In instances where electronic forms cannot be accessed, including during internet outages, venues must manually collect contact details.

Businesses that must use contactless check-in include:

  • hairdressing salons, nail salons, beauty salons, waxing salons, tanning salons, spas, tattoo parlours and massage parlours
  • entertainment facilities and function centres
  • hospitality venues including food and drink premises, pubs, small bars, micro-breweries, small distilleries, registered clubs including casinos
  • indoor and major recreation facilities

Digital check-in is also required at events, including:

  • corporate events
  • wedding services and gatherings after wedding services
  • funerals and memorial services and gatherings after funerals and memorial services

See the full NSW Government list.

Collecting customer information via QR codes is fast, accurate and secure and is seamlessly sent directly to Service NSW, meaning data does not have to be stored by businesses. After check-in, customer contact details are stored securely by the NSW Government and destroyed after 28 days

Access the free QR code and COVID-safe Check In via the Service NSW app.

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    COVID-19; Small business

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