Level 1 water restrictions

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Published 17 July 2019

You’ve probably seen on the news recently that level 1 water restrictions are now in place across Sydney, Blue Mountains and the Illawarra.

Water restrictions target outdoor water use and will apply to everyone, residential and industry. Most of the water used at homes is indoors, so we urge everyone to do what they can to save water at home.

The following uses of water are not permitted at any time:

- Hosing of lawns and gardens between 10am and 4pm (hoses must be fitted with a trigger nozzle)

- Hosing of hard surfaces, paths, driveways (spot cleaning with trigger nozzle or pressure cleaner permitted for health and safety reasons)

- Use of sprinklers and watering systems (except drip irrigation and smart automated watering systems)

- Use of unattended hoses (except for topping up a pool)

- Use of fire hoses other than for firefighting or testing

Exclusions apply for:

- Sources of water that are not restricted (i.e. bore, recycled or grey water)

- Uses of water for which there is no practical alternative (i.e. firefighting)

Exemptions are available for business and industries that rely on outdoor water use for critical activities as part of their business. If you need an exemption you will need to apply online.

Fines of $220 for individuals and $550 for businesses may be issued to those who breach the restrictions.  However, a three-month grace period up to 1 September will be in place to give everyone time to adjust.

To learn more about what’s allowed under 1evel 1 water restrictions visit Sydney Water’s website or call 13 20 92.

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