Dharawal language learning at Woollahra Preschool

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Dharawal language learning at Woollahra Preschool
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Published 16 November 2022

Woollahra Preschool students are now enjoying weekly Dharawal language lessons thanks to a partnership with the Gujaga Foundation.

The Gujaga Foundation’s Dharawal Language Program, which has worked closely with Dharawal Elders, knowledge holders and experts since the early 2000s, provides community-based learning programs for young children and adults within Dharawal Country.

Dharawal educators provide an engaging, age-appropriate 30-minute language and culture lesson for each of the Preschool's eight groups of 20 children each Tuesday and Friday.

"By sharing these experiences of language and culture with children, parents and staff, we hope to create respectful and caring relationships on our path to acknowledging and reconciling with the First Owners of our land," Woollahra Preschool Director Mary Boyd said.

"The children and teachers love the sessions with our young Aboriginal teachers who are very personable and engaging. The children are very excited to be learning more about the culture that they seem to feel belongs to them. They demonstrate a sense of pride and ownership that I had not anticipated,” Mary said.

Parents are encouraged to support their child’s acquisition of the language at home through the Dharawal Language and Culture App.

“We are excited to be working with Woollahra Preschool and introducing the children to Dharawal language and stories through our early learning program,” Sally Walker from the Gujaga Foundation said.

“It is a great opportunity for us to share our Language and for the children to learn about local Aboriginal culture,” Sally said.

You can download the Gujaga Foundation’s free Dharawal Language and Culture App here:

Dharawal Language and Culture App — Gujaga Foundation

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    Youth and families

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