2020 Woollahra Digital Literary Award shortlist announced

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2020 Woollahra Digital Literary Award shortlist announced

Published 12 May 2020

Outstanding digital writing by Australian authors has been recognised in the selection for the 2020 Woollahra Digital Literary Award shortlist.

The Award, founded by Woollahra Council to support innovation in Australian digital literature, offers prizes in four categories: Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, and a new Readers’ Choice Award, with a total prize pool of $7,250. To be eligible, entrants must be Australian residents aged 16 and over whose work has been published online in the first instance in the last two years.

Fiction judge Stephen Pham praised the “unexpected beauty” in this year’s shortlisted entries, and the writers’ “ability to re-imagine worlds.”

Non-fiction judge Sam Twyford-Moore said the standard of entries for the category was, “Incredibly high – so high that determining a shortlist was an unusually difficult task. Nonfiction writers have challenged themselves to think deeply and critically about the world around us, in a time when such thinking is needed more than ever.”

This year saw an increase in submissions from poets experimenting with what the digital medium has to offer in terms of form, on subjects as diverse as digital augmentation of contemporary life, fluid identities and slippages in time, Poetry judge Pip Smith revealed. “The poems I’ve selected showcase something of the range of styles that are made possible by the digital space,” she said.

The community is encouraged to vote on their favourite work, with the winning author set to receive a $250 cash prize. All works are available to read on the Woollahra Digital Literary Award website.

The winners in each category will be announced on 28 May.

For more information visit the Digital Literary Award page or email Woollahra Libraries or call (02) 9391 7100.

Fiction Shortlist

Non-Fiction Shortlist

Poetry Shortlist

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