Youth Photographic Awards 2015

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Winners of the 2015 Youth Photographic Award

Congratulations to the following winners:


First Prize – 'Trolls' by Rosie Martin

Highly Commended – 'Tough Guys Carry Combs' by Alyssa Meli


First Prize – 'Lambent' by Daniel Cai

First Prize – 'Dustkickers' by Inigo Cole

Local Narrative

First Prize – 'Bronte Rainbow' by Mia Samengo

Highly Commended – 'Stranger' by Kevin Mehrpour

Mayor's Choice Award

Untitled I by Madeline Adamo
'Untitled I' by Madeline Adamo

Short Film

First Prize - 'Dog of Lascaux' by James Byron

Highly Commended - 'The Future is Only Forged by The Past' by Alex Piovani

Highly Commended - 'Fractured' by Claudia Wolf

People's Choice Award

Dionne Brown - El Amour Puede existe
Winner of People's Choice Award - 'El Amour Puede existe' by Dionne Brown