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The Woollahra School of Philosophy

Bringing philosophy back to the community

The Woollahra School of Philosophy is a series of quarterly forums aimed to encourage informed community discussion and a robust exchange of ideas between scholars, pioneering minds and the local community. This initiative is about fostering philosophical and ethical conversation at the community level, covering a variety of relevant topics.

Topics explored in the past include; the moral challenge of climate change, death and dying, artificial intelligence, and freedom of speech. The discussions are co-produced and moderated by interviewer and facilitator Michaela Kalowski. Stay tuned for news of the next discussion in the series.

A philosophical discussion on The Moral Challenge of Climate Change.

Each event will be hosted at the Woollahra Library in Double Bay during the evening, starting with a brief presentation by the panellists before opening up the discussion via questions and answers facilitated by a moderator.

Upcoming events

  • Woollahra School of Philosophy Addiction

    Addiction today is epidemic. Have we been thinking about addiction all wrong? Whose brains have we been studying? Is there a ‘cure’ for addiction and what might it look like? Join Michaela Kalowski as she speaks with two world-leading thinkers on the topic of addiction.

    Thursday 1 October 2020, 6:00pm-7:00pm ()

    Online Event

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