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We are open!

  • Bring your library card, or join on arrival (with proof of address), to browse the collection and borrow items at the self-checkout kiosks
  • Your library card will be scanned on entry for contact tracing
  • No appointment time is required
  • Bookable study spots are available at Woollahra Library at Double Bay in specified time slots for up to 3 hours per person per day
  • Computer bookings are available for 45 minutes, 2 hours or 3 hours at Double Bay, Paddington and Watsons Bay
  • Printers, photocopiers and scanners are available at all our libraries. You can also print from your device
  • Only directional assistance can be provided by Library staff
  • Returned items will remain on your card for at least 72 hours while they are quarantined
  • All in-person events & programs are being held online. Recordings of past online events and children’s programs are available online

Don’t forget…

  • Do not come to the Library if you are feeling unwell
  • Please practise social distancing
  • There is no casual seating available at any of the libraries. Food and drinks (other than bottled water) cannot be consumed in the libraries
  • Please treat our staff with courtesy and respect

Our libraries aren't just places of books; they're spaces where you can connect to others in your community, learn new things, develop ideas and feel inspired.


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Please bring your library card with you when you visit the library.

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