Street Libraries in Woollahra

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Street Libraries in Woollahra

Published 5 July 2019

Street Libraries have been popping up all over the world, in a bid to make books available to everyone. We recently installed a Street Library at two of Council's venues for hire, Rose Bay Cottage and Cooper Park Community Hall. The libraries were painted by local artist Adam Long, who has also decorated many of our traffic signal boxes. Look out for ‘Book Bunyip’ at Rose Bay and a 'native garden shed' for Cooper Park, stocked with books donated by Woollahra Library and members of the Cooper Park Community Garden who are keen to share some of their favourite reads.

Street Libraries are a free library movement aimed at encouraging literacy and community. When people take a book and leave a book, they create a cycle of generosity that allows them to share what they love with those around them. By participating in the Street Library movement, you too can help encourage reading, encourage sharing, and encourage community.

The books are free to borrow and can either be returned or exchanged for another book.

Rose Bay Cottage Street Library

Street Library

Please come along any time to “Take a Book, Give a Book and Share a Book”.

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