World War 2 Remembered

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World War 2 Remembered is dedicated to members of our community who served their country in war, and to those who offered their support at home.

World War 2 gallery

A collection of images of people and places in the local area during World War 2.

Reliving the memories

Listen to oral history interviews with four returned servicemen who took part in World War 2 and have a connection with our local area.

Stories from Woollahra

Read research-based stories highlighting the impact of World War 2 on our Municipality. Our Local History staff will be adding more stories throughout 2021.

Personal stories

Read stories of World War 2 as shared by our community.

Share your story

Lorraine Halse Rogers

Share your own personal stories of World War 2.

Researching Australian War Records

Online resources for researching a person or event from World War 2.