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Looking for something to read? Is your child struggling to find books that engage them? Or are they an avid reader that is constantly running out of books? Let us know what kind of books you (or your child) enjoy and our librarians will select up to 5 items for you. Just fill out this form and our staff will contact you within a week with your personalised reading list.

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Browse our title of the month and monthly genre spotlight or search our catalogue for the latest additions to our collection including books, DVDs and music.

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Read reviews and recommendations by our staff and readers.

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Curated reading recommendations by genre or occasion.

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Join one of our book clubs - discover new authors, topics and genres.

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Find out a little more about some of your favourite authors.

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Recommended reading

Don't know what to read next? Try these resources...

  • Gale Books and Authors: Browse by genre or search by author or title to find overviews and reviews of your favourite books. Includes a Read-a-likes suggestion list for each book result as well as linking to other related subjects, time periods and location settings. Access from the Library or from Home
  • Gale Literature Resource Centre: Search across seven different literary collections, including Literature Resource Centre, to find literary criticism, scholarly essays, reviews, overviews, author biographies and full-text literary works. Access from the Library or from Home
  • Goodreads: Get recommendations based on titles or genres you've enjoyed in the past, read reviews and browse book lists.
  • LibraryThing: Create a digital catalogue of the books you have read, share your review and see what other people are saying about books.
  • Novelist Plus: Find author read-alikes, book lists, book discussion guides and more.
  • Good Reading Hub: Library members can enjoy independent reviews and articles about books and authors at the Good Reading Hub, with PK mag (for children), Spineout (for young people) and Good Reading (for adults).