Pool to Pond

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Through this program, pool owners in the Woollahra area who no longer wish to maintain their pool as a chlorinated swimming space can work with Council to convert the pool into a thriving, native pond.

Based on the successful program run by Ku-ring-gai Council, benefits of converting your unused pool into a pond include:

  • Switching off the pool pump and filter reduces your energy bill
  • The conversion is reversible
  • Maintaining a pond is not expensive or time-consuming
  • You can promote biodiversity in your own backyard
  • Water quality is well within government mandated standards
  • Research shows mosquitoes are not a problem in backyard ponds

As part of the program, Council and its partners can provide you with free fish, plants and technical advice to get you started.

If you would be interested to find out more about this program, contact the Environmental Education Officer on 9391 7095.

You can also read more about the Ku-ring-gai Council program.

Pool to Pond
Source: Spielman