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Category: Contemporary Design - B1. New Work

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Winner: Contemporary Design - B1. New Work

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What did the project involve?

This new house, comprising two beautifully detailed brick pavilions, responds directly to its environment. The house is set on a compact urban site, surrounded by larger more formal homes. Within this dense situation we have created a relaxed yet rich landscape of interconnected indoor and outdoor spaces and rooms. The house feels private while retaining its openness and connectedness to the garden outside, and to the surrounding area. To maximise northern light, the house hugs the bent southern boundary and is split into two distinct wings, with the kitchen acting as a fulcrum between the two.

How does the project reflect design excellence in its category?

This house successfully resolves a number of issues facing many new houses in the area. It is private, yet remains open and intimately connected to its garden surrounds. It achieves all the functions required of a large family home, yet is sited on a relatively small block, and it is designed to minimise any impact on neighbours and the surrounding areas, while establishing its own distinctive character and identity.

It looks and feels like it is meant to be there. This unique character is immediately apparent through its soft presentation to the street with the only built structures being the entry gate and garage, with planting directly to the boundary.

What exemplary design features does the project display?

In addition to the above carefully considered siting and form, this house has been designed to achieve maximum energy efficiency, solar management and sustainability. Direct detailing and a restricted material palette requires minimal maintenance. Face brickwork is paired with oiled hardwood in sheltered locations, protected steel and oxide-tinted concrete. Both the building plan and its facades have been designed to facilitate cross ventilation (air conditioning is only provided to the main bed, living and dining rooms). Thermal mass is provided in the building interior to maximise the benefits of these strategic moves.

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