Bruce Stafford Architects

Project Location: Address withheld

Category: Contemporary Design - B1. New Work

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Winner: People’s Choice Award

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What did the project involve?

Our idea was borne out of the client's family dynamic. It encompasses two inter-related forms – a delicate, lightweight timber box visually nurtured by a concrete form – representing the relationship between the parents in solidarity and security, and their two teenage daughters, light and floating with a gentle connection. Signifying independence while maintaining interdependent relationships with the larger family.

How does the project reflect design excellence in its category?

Our timber clad 'floating box' is entirely separated from the main dwelling, for the most part by glass, resulting in some complex structural engineering. This central glass division which acts as a spine through the home, was created using frameless skylights to create a light connection between the two forms with delicate details. Finally we integrated operable screens within the timber cladding to create a seamless facade and increase energy efficiency within the home.

What exemplary design features does the project display?

The strongest design feature is the contrast between the heavy base of the home, and the light floating nature of the timber box above - this is then accentuated by an almost invisible glass spine connecting and dividing the two. All this combines in a sculptural frontage that both conceals and invites. And in an ironic twist, the concrete is fluid and organic whilst the timber element is rectilinear.

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