Proposed Park Improvement Works at Bellevue Park, Bellevue Hill

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Woollahra Council has allocated funding to undertake the next phase of improvement works to Bellevue Park. These works follow the previous improvements from Stage 1 (playground) and Stage 2 (walking path and sandstone walls) which have been completed in recent years.

The proposed upcoming works will enhance overall accessibility within Bellevue Park, increase opportunities for active and passive recreation, and improve safety at the various park entrances.

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The proposed upgrade works include:

  • Completing the 2-metre-wide concrete path loop around the park;
  • Additional stairs and access path from the Birriga Road entrance;
  • Install handrails to the existing steps at various other park entrances;
  • Upgrade and expand existing look-out;
  • New park seating to take in key vistas;
  • Upgrade sitting area near playground, extend embankment and link to new path;
  • Upgrade entry from Bellevue Park Road including replacement of deteriorating footpath pavers.

Council will soon be undertaking procurement of these works and subject to the notification process, construction is expected to commence within the next 3 months.

Written submissions can be made to by Monday 20th February 2023, citing Container Number: SC3955.