Notice of Interim Heritage Order No. 7 for 165 O’Sullivan Road, Bellevue Hill

In This Section

On 3 September 2021 Woollahra Municipal Council made an Interim Heritage Order (Section 25, NSW Heritage Act 1977) on the property located at 165 O’Sullivan Road, Bellevue Hill (Lot 9, DP 9830).

Woollahra Council made the Interim Heritage Order because the property is considered to be of local heritage significance and it was further considered that the order was necessary to protect the potential heritage item from being harmed. The Interim Heritage Order is in force for twelve months from 3 September 2021.

The effect of the Interim Heritage Order is that a person must not carry out any works to the property, including demolition (partial or total), alterations and additions, without the approval of Woollahra Council (Section 57 and Section 59, NSW Heritage Act 1977).