Exhibition of Draft Development Control Plan Amendment for Courtyard Housing in the Paddington Heritage Conservation Area (Amendment No. 13)

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Woollahra Council is exhibiting a Draft Development Control Plan Amendment aiming to amend Chapter C1 – Paddington Heritage Conservation Area of the Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015 (Woollahra DCP 2015). The amendment aims to introduce new terminology, definitions and numerical controls in relation to courtyard housing for rear additions to single storey buildings within the Paddington Conservation area.

We invite your comment.

The Woollahra DCP 2015 is Council’s main non-statutory document for regulating development. A DCP is a document that contains detailed planning and building design guidelines for new development and for alterations and additions to existing development. The DCP is prepared by Council to guide people when they propose to carry out development. It is also used by Council when assessing and determining development applications to support the planning controls in the Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 (Woollahra LEP 2014).

The proposed Woollahra Draft Development Control Plan Amendment 13 relates to Chapter C1 of the Woollahra DCP 2015, which specifically addresses the Paddington Heritage Conservation Area. The objectives of the amendment are:

  1. to amend the terminology for additions to the rear of single storey buildings,
  2. to supplement the numerical controls for additions to the rear of single storey buildings.

The Draft Development Control Plan Amendment will proceed through a public exhibition phase and, subject to the Council’s decision after considering submissions, it will be adopted.

Your participation is valuable in helping to shape our planning controls in the Paddington Heritage Conservation Area to ensure they reflect the views of our whole community.

Public exhibition details

The exhibition will run from Friday 10 July 2020 – Friday 21 August 2020.

Public exhibition material

Public exhibition material is also available to view at the Woollahra Council Customer Service area, 536 New South Head Road, Double Bay.

Part 1 – Draft Development Control Plan

Part 2 – Supplementary information

Part 3 – Reference material


Quote reference (SC5614 Submissions) and address to the General Manager at Woollahra Council, PO Box 61, Double Bay NSW 1360 or email to records@woollahra.nsw.gov.au

Submissions can be made in writing during the period Friday 10 July 2020 – Friday 21 August 2020.

When making a submission, please provide your contact details such as an email or postal address so we can keep you up to date on the matter. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your submission, please contact Council’s Strategic Planners on 9391 7087.


For more information contact Council’s Strategic Planners on 9391 7087.

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