Woollahra Plaques Advisory Committee

In This Section

The role of the Woollahra Plaques Advisory Committee is to advise Council on nominations for plaques to commemorate people who have resided in the Woollahra local government area and significantly contributed to the development of Australia and its culture; or where significant historical or cultural events for Australia or the Woollahra Municipality took place.

The Woollahra Plaques Advisory Committee consists of:

  • Chairperson: Councillor Anthony Marano
  • Mayor, Councillor Peter Cavanagh
  • Library Community Programs Team Leader
  • Up to 7 community representatives

View Woollahra Plaques Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).

Woollahra Plaques Advisory Committee minutes

For further information on the Woollahra Plaques Advisory Committee, please contact:

Joan Ruthven
Library Community Programs Team Leader
Telephone: 9391 7932
Fax: 9391 7044
Email: joan.ruthven@woollahra.nsw.gov.au

Code of Conduct

All members of Council's sub-committees and working parties are required to comply with Council's Code of Conduct. To assist community representatives understand the Code's requirements, Council has prepared a Guide for Community Representatives.