Audit and Assurance Committee

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The Audit and Assurance Committee is an advisory committee established by Council with the following objectives:

  1. to ensure that the Council maintains a Business Assurance and Audit Framework that comprises the necessary management systems and processes to achieve long term business sustainability and thus provide confidence to its stakeholders.
  2. to assist the Council, General Manager and senior staff through its monitoring responsibilities relating to risk, compliance, governance, fraud prevention and the internal control environment.

The Audit and Assurance Committee consists of:

  • Two Independent external members appointed by Council, one of which will be the Chair
  • One Councillor

The members of the Committee are:

  • Mr John Gordon as an Independent Member and Chair of the Committee
  • Mr Jason Masters as an Independent Member of the Committee
  • Councillor Peter Cavanagh is the Councillor Member of the Committee

The Audit and Assurance Committee meets four times a year at the Woollahra Council Chambers.

The Audit and Assurance Committee reports to the Finance, Community & Services Committee.

View the Audit and Assurance Committee Meeting Code of Practice (PDF)

For further information on the Audit and Assurance Committee, please contact:

Cheryle Burns
Manager Business Assurance and Risk
Telephone: 9391 7017
Fax: 9391 7044

Code of Conduct

All members of Council's sub-committees and working parties are required to comply with Council's Code of Conduct. To assist community representatives understand the Code's requirements, Council has prepared a Guide for Community Representatives.