Chairmen and Mayors of Woollahra

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Woollahra was proclaimed a Municipality in April 1860, following a successful petition by 144 residents of Darling Point, Woollahra (then known as Upper Paddington) and Watsons Bay.

The first Mayor, or Chairman as the position was then called, was George Thornton. The first Town Clerk, appointed at an annual salary of 200 pounds, was Thomas Weaver.

Early municipal boundaries did not include Paddington, which was a prosperous and independent municipality.  Vaucluse residents also successfully petitioned the New South Wales State Government to establish a separate Municipality in 1894.

The three councils of Woollahra, Vaucluse and Paddington operated independently until 1948, when the State Government passed legislation to reduce the number of Local Government areas in New South Wales. Under this act, Vaucluse was reunited with Woollahra and Paddington became part of the City of Sydney Council.

Twenty years later, in 1968, Paddington (north of Oxford Street) was amalgamated with Woollahra.

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Chairmen of Woollahra (1860 - 1867)

1860George Thornton
1861Samuel Thompson
1862Richard Holdsworth
1863John Valentine Gorman
1864Joseph Trickett
1865Charles Martyn
1866Daniel Bulman
1867Randolph Nott

Mayors of Woollahra (1868 - present)

1868-1871M. Consett Stephen
1871Daniel Bulman
1872Walter Friend
1873William Teale
1874Benjamin Cocks
1875-1877John V. Barnard
1877James Sutherland Mitchell
1878William Adams Brodribb
1879-1881William Joseph Trickett
1881-1886Robert Butcher
1886-1888William Joseph Trickett
1888-1890John Cash Neild
1890-1899Thomas Magney
1899David Davis
1900-1909William H. Latimer
1910Thomas Christie Fairweather
1911-1914Thomas Magney
1914-1916Leo Whitby Robinson
1916-1917George Dyson
1918-1920William H. Latimer
1921-1922James Polidore Bradley
1923-1925William Frederick Foster
1923Thomas Christie Fairweather (acting)
1926-1929Leo Whitby Robinson
1930-1931George Slater Grimley
1932-1935Hugh Latimer
1936Keith Denis Manion
1937Arthur Griffith
1938-1939George Slater Grimley
1940John Douglas Lesingham Gaden
1941Lyle Howard Marshall Moore
1942Keith Denis Manion
1943Aubrey Erskine Smith
1944Leon Samuel Snider
1945-1946George Slater Grimley
1947Reginald Rosborough Thornton
1948Leslie Edye Duff
1949-1951Hugh Latimer
1952William Frederick Arthur Harvey
1953Chester William Davies
1954Leslie Edye Duff
1955John Esler Calwell
1956Hugh Carlyle Foster
1957Norman Ernest Mills
1958William Frederick Arthur Harvey
1959A. D. Frost
1960John Esler Calwell
1961Allan Charles Murchison
1962Maxwell Elliott Lawrence
1963Allan Charles Murchison
1964Maxwell Elliott Lawrence
1965Graham John Crouch
1966Maxwell Elliott Lawrence
1967Allan Charles Murchison
1968Graham John Crouch
1969Andrew Midwood Clayton
1970Grosvenor Charles Thomas Burfitt-Williams
1971David L. Parker
1972John William O'Brien
1973Thomas O'Loghlen Reynolds
1974Michael Keith Fosbery Bray
1975Graham John O'Neill
1976John W. O'Brien
1977Michael Keith Fosbery Bray
1978Anthony Wentworth Perry
1979Brenda Somerville (Dutchie) Backhouse
1980Francis Patrick Donohoe
1981Charles Bernard Alexander Widdy
1982David Fulton Rofe
1983Judith Ann May
1984-1985John Mungo MacCallum
1986Hylda Ann Rolfe
1987Charles Bernard A. Widdy
1988Susan Margaret Collett
1989Elaine Armgard Cassidy
1990Hylda Ann Rolfe
1991Peter Edward King
1992Catherine Elizabeth Lemech
1993-1994Andrew Briger
1995David Willoughby Leach
1996Neville Gruzman
1997-1998Greg James Medcraft
1998Mairaed Bilmon
1999Andrew Petrie
2000Christopher J. Dawson
2001-2004John Comino
2004Geoffrey Rundle
2005Andrew Petrie
2006Keri Huxley
2007Geoffrey Rundle
2008-2009Andrew Petrie
2010Isabelle Shapiro
2011Susan Wynne
2012Andrew Petrie
2013-2017Toni Zeltzer
2017-2019Peter M Cavanagh
2019-presentSusan Wynne