2021 NSW Local Government Elections

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The next election for the Council of the Woollahra Municipal Council will be held on Saturday 4 September 2021.

Local Government elections in New South Wales are usually held every four years. However, the elections planned for 2020 were postponed for 12 months due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can find information regarding the 2020/21 Postponed Elections on the NSW Electoral Commission website

Councillor Candidate Information Sessions

Are you interested in representing your community as a Councillor at Woollahra Council?

We are hosting a series of free Candidate Information Sessions for anyone interested in becoming a Councillor.

Come along and find out about the role, responsibilities and expectations of becoming a Councillor.

Sessions will be held at the Woollahra Council Chambers on the following dates:

  • Saturday, 26 June 2021 (10.00am to 1.00pm)
  • Wednesday, 14 July 2021 (10.00am to 1.00pm)

The sessions will be facilitated by Monica Kelly, from Prevention Partners NSW. Monica has years of experience and knowledge assisting government and has been recognised through the award of Fellowship of the Governance Institute of Australia and has held positions of Principal Solicitor of Strathfield Municipal Council and Associate at Maddocks Lawyers, Sydney (Public Law, Planning and Environment team).

At a minimum, the sessions will cover the following:

  • The role of council;
  • Roles and responsibilities of the governing body, mayor, councillors, general manager and other staff;
  • Legal and ethical responsibilities of the mayor and councillors;
  • Time commitment required of a mayor and councillor;
  • Support available to assist the mayor and councillors in their roles; and
  • Knowledge, skills and personal attributes required to successfully fulfil the roles of mayor and councillor etc.

Please RSVP for the Councillor Information Sessions via email patricia.vella@woollahra.nsw.gov.au or phone (02) 9391 7013 providing your name, email address and telephone number.

Find your Ward

The Woollahra municipality, or local government area, is divided into five wards:

  • Bellevue Hill Ward
  • Cooper Ward
  • Double Bay Ward
  • Paddington Ward
  • Vaucluse Ward

Search our ward map to determine what ward your street is located in the Woollahra municipality.

Save the date- Local Government elections 4 September 2021

Voting eligibility

If you are a resident in the Woollahra Council Local Government Area (Woollahra LGA) you can check if your enrolment details are up to date with the Australian Electoral Commission.

A person is entitled to vote at a council election if they are:

  • at least eighteen years of age and an Australian citizen
  • a resident of the council's area or a non-resident owner of rateable land or an occupier or ratepaying lessee of rateable land in the council's area.

Each person has only one vote for any council, and voting is compulsory for residents (but not for people on the non-residential roll). If you are unable to vote on Election Day due to disability, illness or travel you can apply for a postal vote or a pre-poll vote. There is no absentee voting in council elections.

Please visit the NSW Electoral Commission website for further information regarding postal and pre-poll voting.

Non-Residential Roll

People who do not live in the Woollahra LGA may be entitled to register to be included on the non-residential roll and to vote at the Local Government election.

In order to qualify for enrolment on the non-residential roll you must be eligible to vote at Federal and State elections.

You can enrol on the non-residential roll, if you are:

  • an owner of rateable land in the Woollahra LGA; or
  • an occupier or rate-paying lessee of rateable land in the Woollahra LGA.

A non-residential roll is only valid for the council election it is prepared for, so you must re-enrol for every election even if you have registered for a previous election.

To be on the roll of non-resident owners of rateable land in the Woollahra LGA, you must be:

  • the sole owner of the rateable land, or
  • nominated as the elector by the joint or several owners of the rateable land, or
  • nominated as the elector by the corporation or trustees who own the rateable land, or
  • the lessee of the land from the Crown and the land is rateable Crown land.

Use the form for individual owners, occupiers and ratepaying lessees to apply to be on a non-residential roll.

To be on the roll of occupiers and rate-paying lessees in the Woollahra LGA, you must be:

  • the sole occupier or ratepaying lessee of rateable land, or
  • nominated as the elector by the joint or several occupiers or ratepaying lessees of the rateable land, or
  • nominated as the elector by the corporation or trustees who occupy or are the ratepaying lessee of the rateable land, and have the legal right to occupy the land, or be responsible for paying all or part of the rates on the land for 3 years following the date you apply to be on the roll.

Use the form for nomination of an elector by joint/several, corporate or trustee owners, occupiers or ratepaying lessees to apply to be on a non-residential roll.

Complete the form and forward this to the General Manager by any of the following methods:

Registration for inclusion on the non-residential roll for the 2021 Council election close at 6.00pm on 26 July 2021.

For more information on local government elections, visit the NSW Electoral Commission website.

Become a Councillor

If you're passionate about what happens in your local community, becoming a Councillor is an exciting opportunity to make a difference and to represent the interests of residents.

For more information on how to become a Councillor please see the Office of Local Government website.