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Community Survey Results

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Summary of findings

Survey results show increase in customer service satisfaction.

Woollahra Council commissioned Micromex to conduct a telephone survey in late December, 2012 of 600 residents with the aim of assessing community satisfaction on services and facilities and identifying community priorities.

Regular surveying provides Council with useful benchmarking results and information that can help shape future planning decisions and budget allocation.

In summary, 85% of respondents rated are satisfied or very satisfied with the overall level of service provided by Council. Leaving 15% of respondents either “not very satisfied” or “not at all satisfied”. 65% of all service areas reported a moderate to high satisfaction level.

Since the last survey in 2009 there has been an improvement in the following areas:

  • Cultural activities and events
  • Information about Council services and activities
  • Protecting heritage values and buildings
  • Recycling
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Waste collection
  • Water pollution controls

Areas reporting a decrease in satisfaction since 2009 are:

  • Assessing and determining applications for development
  • Child care services
  • Managing local traffic flow.

Results indicate our customer service staff offered the top performance across all service areas. Feedback from our community provides important input into our integrated planning documentation and focuses our attention on areas for improvement.

Some priorities that Council will be focusing on include:

  1. The development and implementation of strategies to identify the community’s needs and strengthen Council’s responsiveness to the community.
  2. Communication and engagement with the community relevant to long term planning, community involvement and information about Council Services and activities.
  3. Clarifying community expectations with regard to getting around the LGA, by exploring the community’s requirements regarding traffic, local roads and parking.
  4. Exploring the community response to development and construction, identifying community concerns regarding issues such as developments or population/congestion.
  5. Assessing community servicing requirements with regards to footpaths and tree management.

Community Satisfaction Survey Results (PDF)

Council would like to thank our residents, ratepayers, business owners and members of the public who were contacted as part of the Community Satisfaction Survey for your time and valuable input.

For more information contact Stephen Dunshea – Director Corporate Services on 9391 7014.

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