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Woollahra 2025

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Woollahra 2025 – our community, our place, our plan

Revised Woollahra 2025 is our Community Strategic Plan that has been developed by Council in consultation with the Woollahra community and was revised in accordance with the legislative requirements following the Local Government Elections held in September 2012. 

It presents a long term vision for Woollahra and is structured around five (5) broad interrelated Themes, each of which is supported by a range of Goals and strategies.

The Plan is a strategic document that:

  • Presents a long term vision for our area.
  • Describes our community.
  • Identifies our current and future social, environmental, economic and civic leadership aspirations and challenges.
  • Presents goals and strategies for Council, the community and other levels of government to deliver in partnership.
  • Focuses on delivering a sustainable future.

Revised Woollahra 2025 was adopted by Council, as its Community Strategic Plan on the 24 June 2013. Woollahra 2025 will be reviewed every four years.

Woollahra 2025 is based on a comprehensive and inclusive community engagement process undertaken in 2009/10 and further community engagement undertaken in 2012.

This further community engagement included a Community Capacity Survey, a review of our Social and Cultural Plan and a further Community Satisfaction Survey undertaken in 2012. These processes provided residents, workers, students and visitors to Woollahra with a voice to ‘Have your say’ on the future of Woollahra.

Our comprehensive community engagement process has included:

  • An Intercept Survey of over 1,000 participants, administered across the Council area
  • An Online Survey hosted on Council’s website
  • A Photo Survey for primary and secondary students at local schools
  • Two Community Group Workshops
  • A random telephone Community Satisfaction Survey of 800 residents conducted in 2009 and a follow up Survey of 600 residents in 2012
  • Various reports to Council Committees on Integrated Planning and Reporting.
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