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Our online service request form provides an opportunity for you to contact us and report requests for service such as collection of garbage, sweeping of the streets or requests for someone from the Council to contact you about a particular matter.

Please include as much detail as you can in the description, your address or location of the requests and your contact details and your preferred method for contact (phone/email). Your request will be handled by our Customer Service Team who will be in contact with you within 3 working days.

Note: Do not use this form if your enquiry is about change of address. Please use the change of address form to update the postal address of your rates notice.

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Request details

Type of request

Select one or more categories from the list below that reflects the type of request you are submitting.

For example, "A pothole needs filling".

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Ideally include property address, the nearest crossroad, landmark, etc.

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Upload an image to your request. JPG, JPEG and PNG files up to 5Mb accepted.

Contact details

If you would like someone from Customer Services to contact you or the person who alerted you to the matter, please provide details below.

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