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2018 Woollahra Garden Awards

The Woollahra Garden Awards have returned for 2018!

Woollahra Council is encouraging all residents, local businesses, school groups and community organisations to showcase their gardens – big or small. We want you to share your creativity, hard work and sustainable gardening practices with us.

Nominations are now open for the 2018 Woollahra Garden Awards.

All entries are to be submitted online before 4pm on Wednesday 31 October 2018.

Submit your nomination to the 2018 Woollahra Garden Awards

Award categories

The Judging criteria is based on garden design and landscaping, originality, plant selection, and maintenance. Categories include:

Best Community/school garden - demonstrate how your garden contributes to quality of our local parks, grows abundant organic produce and brings the community together. Aspects of your community/school garden to highlight include:

  • Produce - variety and abundance of produce grown in garden
  • Organic - chemical free approaches to pest and disease management.
  • Waste minimisation - how the group encourages composting, worm-farming and other waste minimisation practices for those involved and the broader community
  • Water efficient – use of mulch, swales, water tanks, wicking beds and other features to reduce water use
  • Community engagement and education – how the group has engaged with the broader school/local community to build community, educate and inspire sustainable living practices

Best Sustainable Garden - demonstrate how your garden is contributing to the health of the local environment. Features of your sustainable garden to highlight include:

  • Plant selection – use of plants that are native to our local area
  • Habitat creation - creating habitat elements to encourage native fauna such as birds, lizards, possums and insects
  • Materials selection – use of recycle materials
  • Water efficient – use of mulch, swales, water tanks and other features to reduce water use
  • Chemical free – no use of chemicals on the plants

Best Small Garden - demonstrate how you have created an amazing and abundant green environment in a small space, garden, terrace, balcony or an apartment. Aspects of your small garden to highlight include:

  • Design - Use of space and light, use of hard and soft scape
  • Light and climate – use of appropriate plant species for existing light levels and microclimate (ie. sunny, shady or windy areas)
  • Plant/tree selection – appropriate plant selection in relation to use of pots, garden beds and small spaces
  • Planter selection - Variety of use of standing pots, raised garden beds, hanging pots, green wall unit, vertical gardens etc
  • Vegetation - variety and abundance of produce/plants grown in garden (this can include trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs or flowers)

Best Garden (Overall) - demonstrate how your garden showcases creativity and sustainable gardening practices. Aspects of your garden to highlight include:

  • Health and vigor – including maintenance, presence of weeds
  • Landscape design – Use of themes, unity, consistency and/or proportions
  • Originality – of landscape design and/or use of unique plants
  • Plant selection – appropriate plant selection for the climate, use of special or flowering plants
  • Sustainability – evidence of sustainable gardening practices


There are great prizes to be won – with a winner to be announced in each category.


The Woollahra Garden Awards will be judged by Indira Naidoo, co-host of Breakfast with Indira and Trevor on 2CH Radio, and Diana Fisher, OAM and Television and Radio personality.

Presentation Ceremony

Winners will be announced at a presentation ceremony at Blackburn Gardens on Wednesday 14 November 2018, from 11.00am.

We invite all entrants to attend the 2018 presentation ceremony.

Garden Awards 2018 Brochure
View the 2018 Woollahra Garden Awards brochure