Youth Photographic Award & Short Film Prize

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The 2022 Youth Photographic Award and Short Film Prize

Brocconomy, Finley Stern, Yr 12,  Waverley College
Brocconomy, Finley Stern, Yr 12 Waverley College - Winner of the People’s Choice 2022

We are pleased to announce the Winner of the People’s Choice - Brocconomy by Finley Stern, Yr 12 Waverley College.

The winner receives a $150 cash prize. A big congratulations to Finley and his winning image.

Congratulations to all the 2022 Youth Photographic Award and Short Film winners!

This year’s competition had 173 photographic entries and 21 short films entries from local high school students.

Judges, photographer Hugh Stewart (photographs) and artist and photographer Lulu Pinkus (short films) found the variety and scope of the entries to be both entertaining and thought provoking.

Short Film judge Lulu Pinkus comments on the 2022 entries: "After years of lockdown, it is exciting to see what has provoked the imaginative eyes and minds of young people, as they headed out into the real world: We experience journeys near, far and wide… both in the mind’s eye and beyond.”

To view the 2022 exhibition and winners, visit the Gallery’s website.

Photographic Award winning entries

  • Bronte Freed - Oh Solo Meow
  • Hugo Walsh - Noir
  • Nicole Lai - Golden Hour
  • Olivia Aristides - Steps
  • Elizabeth Searle - Green Earth
  • Ned Wieland - Blue Soaking
  • Isabella Ayres-Munro - A Thread of Bad Luck


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