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Paula do Prado

Artist in Residence - Paula do Prado

Paula is a Sydney based artist working with a range of media including textiles, photography, text, painting and object/installation. Her works are compelling, multi-layered and rich with cultural references to her experience of migrating to Australia from Uruguay, and the surrounding concepts of identity, race and gender. Her practice draws on materials, sayings and imagery collected from many different sources including the generations of her family history. By sharing her own personal stories, her work creates a dialogue around issues of immigration and multiculturalism, which are just as relevant now as ever.

Paula completed the 2018 Woollahra Artist in Residence Program and you can read Paula’s Journal documenting her 2018 journey or visit Paula's website for more information.

Laura Jade

Laura Jade

Laura Jade is a Sydney based artist who creates interactive wearable art and experiential lighting installations. Her work fuses the multidisciplinary fields of art, biology, illumination design and technology to explore scientific themes such as patterns found in nature and human biological processes. Jade has received a Masters in Illumination Design from UTS, a BA in fine arts and completed further studies in biology, science communication and museum studies. Her work has been exhibited at Carriageworks, Sydney; Gogbot Festival, Enschede, Netherlands; Athens Digital Art Festival, Greece; Vivid Festival, Sydney and has completed Artist Residencies in Iceland, Croatia and Hungary

Visit Laura Jade’s website for more information.

Katrina Lezaic

Katrina Lezaic

Katrina Lezaic is a Canberra born, Sydney based writer, photographer, sculptor, installation and conceptual artist. With a background in journalism and over 20 years of experience in reportage, her writing and photojournalism has been featured in many Australian and international publications. Her work merges elements of fiction, fantasy, performance and documentary. Her work has been exhibited in Sydney and Bali and her artistic practice combines Lezaic’s interest in combining photos, texts and videos to weave narratives of private experiences.

Visit Katrina Lezaic’s website for more information

Rone Waugh

Artist in Residence - Rone Waugh

Rone Waugh aka Wu Long has worked in many genres including abstract expressionism, abstract figurative painting, pop art, sculpture, and installation. After several years working in New York, Rone Waugh is now becoming established back home in Australia and China. Rone has been awarded a residency in China each year for the past 5 years.  His painting work is heavily influenced by his interest in Chinese art and culture.


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