2017 Artist in Residence

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Ariella Friend

Ariella Friend is a multidisciplinary artist whose focus is in field of sculptures and installations. Ariella is currently completing a Master of Art and Design at UNSW. She has been represented in solo shows and recent exhibitions include group exhibition at Gaffa Gallery and UNSW Galleries.

As part of her community project, Ariella ran a project entitled ‘From Trash to Treasure’. Interested in recycling, reusing and alter found objects, in collaboration with a local business, she produce a project that educates the community about sustainability through the recycling of waste materials into artworks. Local businesses donated materials they throw away (packaging, plastic, paper etc.). She also facilitated workshops designed to inspire the community to create artworks from their own waste materials. The sculptures and wall displays produced during her residency will be on display at Woollahra Library.

Visit Ariella Friend's website for further information.

Sarah Carter-Jenkins

Sarah Carter-Jenkins works in a range of media including sculptures, light installations and digital art projects. She is a previous student in the Masters of Design at the Whitehouse Institute of Design and her interest is in the area of the Wunderkammer (Cabinet of Curiosities).

As her community project, Sarah ran workshops on creating small scale ink drawings on glass and mirror and found objects. She also involved a small group visit of Year 5/6 students from Glenmore Road Public School to EJ Ward to participate in small sculpture/street drawing.

The outcome was a public exhibition with an artist’s talk focusing on the link between historical domestic spaces of the area and their ‘re-imagining’. Her residency outcome also compiled further documentation of the Wunderkammer series for touring and resulted in three new stop motion video artworks concentrating on digital portraiture.

Visit Sarah Carter-Jenkins's website for further information.

Bahman Kermany

Bahman Kermany is an emerging Sydney based Iranian/Australian artist who graduated from NAS.  Recent exhibitions include group exhibitions the 2016 Iranian Art & Craft Exhibition at StirrUp Gallery, National Art School graduate exhibition in 2-014 and Moment exhibition at Stairway Gallery in 2013. He was awarded as the winner of St. Ives Show in 2008.

His practice incorporates painting, installation and film works with a focus on Iranian culture and mythologies. During his residency he will produce series of paintings based on stores and mythologies from Iranian culture as well as an installation from recycled objects.

As part of Bahman’s community project, he invited the community to participate in his installation work. This work takes a critical view of consumption, mass production and environmental issues. During his residency, his workshops engaged local community with the traditional Iranian art and its philosophy as well as western methods of drawings, along with traditional calligraphy and calligraphy equipment. He offered a live experimental Iranian music appreciation session.

Visit Bahman Kermany's website for further information.

Kevin Platt

Kevin Platt holds a Master of Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts and he received the 2009 Fauvette Loureiro Award to study on exchange at ENSBA, Paris. He has been exhibiting within Australia and internationally since 2008. He was selected for the Art Gallery of NSW Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris (forthcoming), the 2012 Dominik Mersch Gallery Award and the 2010 Fisher’s Ghost Prize. He received Australia Council grant for the Arts ArtStart Grant in 2014, and has undertaken numerous artist in residence programs.

Kevin’s practice is built on conceptual grounding and studio-based experimentation that often manifests as non-traditional sculpture and installation, with elements of video and photography. Currently, his interest is in the artwork that sits outside the greater stream of production/ economy and trade. He is developing a method to purchase materials from large chain shops, make sculpture/ installations and then return the materials for refund.

As part of his community project, he will develop and produce the podcast that captures a snapshot of the Woollahra community, focusing on their relationship to art and the area. Kevin will offer skills development on podcasts to the community and engage them with a podcast that he will produce. The outcome would be a production of episode/document per month, which will be shared and hosted on platforms such as Soundcloud and the iTunes store.