2015 Artist in Residence

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Marnie Ross

Marnie RossMarnie is an experienced contemporary painter and printmaker, focusing on abstract designs inspired by tiny details in nature. Marnie proposes to extend on her current work as part of the residency and develop new outcomes in her practise. For her community engagement project, Marnie will produce an art competition called The Little Things. The competition will aim to encourage residents to find 'little' joys and express them visually in a small format (8 x 10 inches). Based on the science of positive psychology and supported by Dr Timothy Sharp from the Happiness Institute, this local art competition is held annually at Saint Cloche Gallery, Paddington.

Visit Marnie Ross' website for further information.

Edwina Straub

Edwina StraubEdwina is a visual artist who combines weaving and stitching techniques within mixed media work. Throughout her residency, Edwina sought reconnect with the local community after a period spent overseas, producing small works on paper and using fibre. Edwina's community engagement project, Local Beauty, focused on engaging young people to create a community artwork utilising weaving techniques, working together to produce an ephemeral public artwork that was woven onto the fence of a prominent location.

Visit Edwina Straub's website for further information.

Julian Day

Julian DayJulian is a multi-award winning visual artist, qualified composer, writer and broadcaster. For his community engagement project, Julian proposed a project called Club Consensus. This project examined sound unity and, through a series of workshops for the community, culminated in public explorations of the concept of making sound together in an informal setting.

Visit Julian Day's website for further information.

Julia Kennedy Bell

Julia Kennedy BellJulia is an abstract painter that explores different materials to extend her work into three dimensional structures, generally utilising paper card and thread.  During her residency, Julia furthered other elements of her creative practise, such as photography and the relationship it has to her paintings. Julia facilitated a series of 3-D painting workshops for children as part of her residency.

Visit Julia Kennedy Bell's website for further information.

Past Artist in Residence Projects

Little Things Art Competition

A local art competition developed by Marnie Ross as part of the 2015 program, encouraging local artists to notice and bring attention to the small things that make them happy or things they are grateful for and express it creatively.