2014 Artist in Residence

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Jacqueline Field

Jacqueline Field

Jacqueline is a highly skilled and experienced senior painter (pastel and colour works) and sculptor (sculptural reliefs) represented in private and public collections. As part of her residency, Jacqueline continued her ongoing work and participated in local shows. She also held community colour-work workshops, in which groups produced a collaborative piece alongside individual works

Artist contact: jaqfield@optusnet.com.au and http://www.jackyfield.id.au/

Rebeccah Dent

Rebeccah Dent

Rebeccah has a Master of Arts from COFA UNSW. She is a multidisciplinary artist who works with painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and installation works. During her time at the EJ Ward Paddington Community Centre, Rebeccah created a body of work that involved the local community and environment, as well as hosting an exhibition of her works and those of workshop participants.

Please see the attached document on ‘Project12’.

Artist contact: rebeccahdent@mac.com and www.rebeccahdent.com

Alison Bennett:
Hurrah Hurrah Performance Projects

Alison Bennett: Hurrah Hurrah Performance Projects

Alison is a performing artist who has trained at Le Coq School of Theatre in Paris. By creating performances through text-based research or by devising a process, she produces ensemble works that involve interaction with the public.

Alison is the founder of ‘Hurrah Hurrah Performance Projects’, a theatre company specialising in research and ensemble-based theatre. Hurrah Hurrah produced a community project, based on the stories of the residents of Woollahra in October the local community.

Artist contact: alisonbennett16@gmail.com and https://www.facebook.com/hurrahhurrahtc

Julia Masterton

Julia Masterton

Masterton gained her Masters in Sculpture from the prestigious Royal College of Art, London, and exhibits her work internationally. Returning to Australia after ten years abroad to experiment in light and vision within the Australian landscape, she founded ‘Light Colour Centre’, a mobile research facility in central Australia supported by ARTFORM.

Masterton’s work explores the relationship between photographic imagery and sculptural form. Her residency project investigated the origins of Australia’s light and its effect on vision, and considered its significance as a contemporary cultural material. During her residency, Masterton created a new series of photographic tableaus and a collection of ‘vision sculptures’ that developed from her ongoing work.

During her residency, Julia participated in and curated a local exhibition in collaboration with ARTFORM gallery that took a unique perspective on light. She also conducted workshops in conjunction with the Woollahra Youth Photo Awards and ran private/group art tutorials.

Artist contact: Julie.masterton@network.rca.ac.uk and http://artform-juliemasterton.com