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2018 Woollahra Artist in Residence Program

The Artist in Residence Program is based at the EJ Ward Paddington Community Centre. The residencies last for nine months, with work spaces and shared facilities provided rent-free by Council. Four participating artists will undergo their residency between March and December 2018. In return for occupying a studio space, each artist will deliver a community project and participate in studio open days, talks and public workshops. Council will also retain examples of the community work they produce.

Artists participating in the 2018 Artist in Residence Program currently have work on display at Paddington Library which is home to our Pop Up Posters Program.

Paula do Prado

Paula do Prado

Paula is a Sydney based artist working with a range of media including textiles, photography, text, painting and object/installation. Her works are compelling, multi-layered and rich with cultural references to her experience of migrating to Australia from Uruguay, and the surrounding concepts of identity, race and gender. Her practice draws on materials, sayings and imagery collected from many different sources including the generations of her family history. By sharing her own personal stories, her work creates a dialogue around issues of immigration and multiculturalism, which are just as relevant now as ever.

Follow Paula's journal documenting her Artist in Residence journey or visit her website for more information.

Josee Vesely-Manning

Josee is a multi-displinary artist and has worked for several years in both Melbourne and Sydney. She has successfully delivered projects and exhibitions for a diverse range of galleries, festivals and funding bodies including The Australia Council, Arts Victoria, The City of Port Philip Cultural Development Fund, Gertrude Contemporary, Sydney Festival, Underbelly Arts Festival, SCA Galleries and Artist Led Spaces throughout Melbourne and beyond. In her practice she explores themes of environmental degradation and material obsolescence within an invented and idiosyncratic universe of magic and anarchy.

Visit Josee Vesely-Manning's website for more information

Tomas Maceiras Preg

Painter Tomas Ernesto Maceiras Prego was born in Havana, Cuba and is now Sydney based. His creative practise is enclosed within the framework of the traditional language of the genres of painting. He is particularly interested in the classical modern tradition that emerged after the secularisation of the arts.

His purpose is to use those forms that have become clich├ęs as a platform of expression and to link them to the actual urban culture. He creates a sort of visual dissonance by adding layers of paint similarly to a collage. The final appearance is one that seems ragged and wore out. That is because the idea of time and decay is, as he sees it, the abstract motivation of all that he wants to express and represent.

Visit Tomas Maceiras Preg's website for more information

Rone Waugh

Rone Waugh

Rone Waugh aka Wu Long has worked in many genres including abstract expressionism, abstract figurative painting, pop art, sculpture, and installation. After several years working in New York, Rone Waugh is now becoming established back home in Australia and China. Rone has been awarded a residency in China each year for the past five years. His painting work is heavily influenced by his interest in Chinese art and culture.


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