Lodge your application

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Am I really ready to lodge my DA?

  1. Make sure you have prepared your application correctly. About 30% of DAs are incomplete when lodged - avoid assessment delays! Rushing a development application to lodgement will cost you more time than you think.
  2. Download and complete the Development Application form (PDF) which includes a lodgement checklist.
  3. Lodge your DA and pay the fees.

How and where do I lodge my DA?

We prefer that you lodge your Development Application in person at:

Customer Service Centre
536 New South Head Road, Double Bay
(see Getting to Council Chambers for parking and public transport information)

This is because we can check your application before lodgement to ensure that you have provided all the necessary information.

You can lodge your application by mail but we often find that applications lodged by mail are incomplete. If your application is incomplete, it may be rejected and posted back. We also ask that you check with us the fees that are payable to avoid the mailing of cheques with the wrong fees. If the correct fees do not accompany your application it will not be accepted.

To work out the correct fees you must correctly identify the estimated value of the proposed work. Other fees may also apply. Therefore, we encourage you to lodge your application in person at Council.

Registration of the development application

This is done while you wait at our Customer Service counter. We make an electronic record of the application before we process payment of the fees. More detailed, data entry takes place in the back office once the file is transferred from Customer Service.

Is one of the owner's signature OK?

No. It is a legal requirement that every individual owner must sign the original application form or provide a letter clearly and unambiguously giving the applicant their consent to lodge the Development Application. We cannot accept photocopies or fax copies of these important documents.

If the owner is a company or an owners corporation then the form must be signed by an authorised director under common seal.

If an owner is giving the applicant permission to lodge the development application they should consider also giving them permission to lodge the Construction Certificate application and all other ancillary applications that may be necessary under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, the Local Government Act 1993 and Roads Act 1993. If the development is Integrated Development under section 4.46 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and applications to other authorities are also required their requirements should also be considered.