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2018 end-of-year deadlines for lodgement of Development Applications (DAs) and related applications

Please be advised that DAs and related applications received from Monday 26 November 2018 and up until Friday 7 December 2018 will have an extended notification period of 29 days.

DAs and related applications received from Monday 10 December 2018 will not be advertised in the Wentworth Courier until mid-January 2019 and will be notified for the standard 15 days.

Please note: Applications requiring further information will not be advertised until the requested information has been submitted to Council.

Where should I start?

  1. Make sure you need to submit a DA! If your development is exempt or complying you do not need to submit a DA.
  2. Be sure to understand what development rules apply
  3. Understand what you are required to submit with your DA, and prepare your application and supporting documents. Try to avoid assessment delays!
  4. Download DA application form (PDF), lodge your application and pay the fees.

If your development is over $750,000, there are special submission requirements.

If your development is in the B2 Local Centre or B4 Mixed Use Zones or 12 metres or more in height, there are special submission requirements.

If your development is complex or potentially controversial, you might consider using our Pre-DA consultation service.

How long will it take?

This varies according to the complexity of the proposed development, whether or not it needs to be publicly advertised/notified, whether or not it complies with the rules, whether or not objections are received and the range and complexity of issues that may need to be considered.

Can I do it myself?

Whilst we are doing every thing we can to assist you through the process, preparing a development application can be a complex process which you should not attempt to tackle yourself unless you have a good knowledge of the legal requirements and of our local planning controls. Incomplete or misleading applications can be costly.

Do I need to make a disclosure statement of a political donation or gift?

If you are submitting a development application and you or any person with a financial interest in the development made a donation or gift to any Councillor or you made a gift to any Council employee you may need to make a disclosure statement. You can download a Political donations and gifts disclosure statement form (PDF) which includes explanatory information.