First stage of the development of White City for a multi-purpose sports centre and registered club facilities including site remediation (DA477/2019)

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Council has received a detailed development application (DA) within the meaning of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for the development of White City for a multi-purpose sports centre and registered club facilities including site remediation. This DA follows the approval of a concept development application in December 2015 and the modification of that concept approval in September 2019.

The applicant’s Statement of Environmental Effects provides the following introduction:

This Statement of Environmental Effects has been prepared on behalf of Hakoah Club Limited (Hakoah Club) in support of a Development Application made under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for phase 1 of the redevelopment of the site at 30 Alma Street, Paddington (White City) into a sporting and cultural facility in Paddington.

On 15 December 2015, the Joint Regional Planning Panel granted consent to Development Application DA438/2015 for Stage 1 concept proposal for building envelopes and indicative use of White City for a multipurpose sports centre and registered club facilities including heritage interpretation strategy.

Since approval of the Stage 1 concept proposal, the project was rationalised to achieve a viable economic model which supports the revitalisation of White City as a sporting destination including the continued use of the site for tennis as well a range of other sporting activities whilst properly celebrating the heritage of the site in a sustainable fashion. A Section 4.55 modification to the Stage 1 concept proposal was subsequently lodged and approved on 5 September 2019 to reflect a rationalisation of the development and the approved modifications include the removal of the child care centre drop-off pick-up deck adjacent to Glenmore Road, retention and adaptive reuse the southern grandstand, and other changes to the distribution of built form and massing of the three building envelopes.

The subject application specifically seeks consent for the subsequent Stage 2 detailed application for the first phase (Phase 1) of the development of a multi-purpose sports centre and registered club facilities and comprises demolition of existing buildings, excavation and construction of various buildings to accommodate a range of indoor and outdoor recreational uses (including outdoor tennis, soccer, multi-purpose courts and swimming pool, and gym); registered club and associated facilities.

The project is to be delivered in two phases. The phasing reflects the capacity of community funding sources relative to a project of this scale. Project construction costs are being largely funded by private philanthropy and community donations. The staging strategy matches the project development budget with a program of community fundraising.

Phase 1, the subject of this application, delivers the core on-ground infrastructure establishing the Club, campus, and community sports facilities. Phase 1 delivers the majority of the approved Project components and functionality, particularly given the weather-proof shading structure within the approved envelope of the Sports Hall proposed to protect the multi-use courts. As an initial step, a simple enclosure is proposed for the Learn to-swim pool within the approved envelope of the Pool Hall.

The second phase (Phase 2) will be proposed once sufficient additional capital is available for this purpose. Phase 2 scope includes completing the swimming pool enclosure building (Pool Hall) including the childcare facility, and the Sports Hall around the multi-use courts.

The design will accommodate future construction of the Sports Hall and the Pool Hall and its childcare centre during Phase 2 of the Project.

The Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel is the consent authority for this application as the DA has a capital investment value of more than $30 million.

Status of application

The DA was approved by the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel (SECPP) on 3 September 2020. There is a current Class 1 Appeal application before the Land and Environment Court.

Description of the proposal

The proposal involves:

  • Demolition of all buildings on the site with the exception of the southern grandstand and the Northern Grandstand arches;
  • Excavation;
  • Construction of the following:
    • new internal road and pedestrian network including landscaping and at-grade parking
    • football field including lighting poles
    • 9 tennis courts including lighting poles
    • adaptive re-use of the retained southern grandstand to create the "sports" building adjacent to Glenmore Road which contains:
      • ground level car parking including new connection to Glenmore Road and gym facilities
      • level 1 gym facilities, community facilities, café, outdoor multi-purpose courts with shade structure, and outdoor pool facilities with shade structures including 1 x 25m pool, 1 x learn to swim pool and pool deck area, and plant
      • level 2 gym facilities
      • level 3 community spaces, and primary pedestrian entry from Glenmore Road
    • 2 storey “tennis pro-shop” building to the north-east of the sports building
    • 3 storey triangular "Club" building which contains:
      • ground floor porte cochere, entry lobby, foyer, change rooms and toilet facilities, loading dock, external 260 seat grandstand and tuckshop, referee/medical rooms, waste rooms, Hakoah and community offices
      • level 2 double height club community space, foyer, kitchen/catering areas, restaurant/bar, lounge and adjacent viewing terrace, and club board room
      • level 2 mezzanine level containing toilet facilities, plant, staff room and bridge to the south which connects with a lift to access the car parking level at the ground level of the “sports” building
      • level 3 community rooms and office; and
      • roof level which contains a plant room

How do I view the DA plans and documents?

The DA plans and documents can be viewed using the DA tracking tool.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact the Assessment Officer – Mr M Moratelli on 02 9391 7000 between 8:30am and 11:00am Monday-Friday.