Redevelopment of White City (DA 438/2015)

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Modification of development consents application

Council has received an application seeking approval for internal and external modifications to the approved Stage 1 Development Application.

The Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel is the consent authority for this application as the DA has a capital investment value of more than $20 million.

Description of amended proposal

The amended proposal is a Concept Development Application for building envelopes and indicative use of White City for a multi-purpose sports centre and registered club facilities which will include the following:

  • Site layout comprising new internal road and pedestrian network with landscaping and at-grade parking, tennis courts, football field, and three building envelopes as follows:
    • "sports" building adjacent to Glenmore Road which also contains several car parking levels and two elevated tennis courts
    • triangular "Clubhouse" building
    • “tennis pro-shop” building
  • Indicative use of the site and building envelopes for a range of indoor and outdoor recreational use (including outdoor tennis and soccer, swimming pool, sports hall, gym, health studios, and children’s crèche); registered club and associated facilities; and community facilities
  • Heritage interpretation strategy

Description of amendments

  • Removal of the child care centre including the associated car park deck and access to and from Glenmore Road and replacement with a children’s crèche internally within the development
  • Retention of the southern grandstand structure and adaptive re-use for a gym facility (relocated from the previous ‘Clubhouse’ building)
  • Removal of the café building envelope and introduction of a similar scale ‘tennis pro shop’ building envelope
  • Removal of basement parking level
  • Rationalisation of the internal road network and car parking layout
  • Expansion of the ‘upper’ car parking level to the north and the east by elevating the two south western tennis courts by 3.2m, new vehicle access ramp connecting the car park level with Glenmore Road, and minor increase to the level of the car park by 0.6m
  • Modification to the sports hall arrangement with a car parking level inserted at RL 6.1 and the hall floor level elevated from RL 5.30 to RL 9.70 and a roof above which is contained within the maximum approved height of RL 19.00
  • Re-design of the ‘clubhouse’ building envelope from the previously curved design into a triangular shape which is reduced in length and slightly increased in depth
  • Reduction in indicative grandstand seating from 500 to 260
  • Increase in indicative car parking from 270 to 321 spaces

Public exhibition

The proposal and supporting documentation was on exhibition from 23 January 2019 until 21 February 2019.

Previous updates

Stage 1 Development Application approved

The (Former) Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) approved the White City redevelopment application at 30 Alma Street Paddington (Development Application No 438/2015 – Stage 1 – Indicative building envelopes, use and heritage interpretation strategy) on 15 December 2015. The approval was generally in accordance with the recommendation of our staff's assessment report. Details of the decision, our staff's report and other relevant information are available on the JRPP's website.


Our staff prepared an assessment report for consideration by the JRPP. The JRPP thought the assessment report was well-considered, well written and comprehensive. As such the Panel adopted the views expressed in the Council's Assessment Report and unanimously adopted the staff recommendation for a conditional approval in full with the addition of the following:

An additional bullet point was added to Condition B9 "Retention of a minimum of 15 of the 19 Southern Stand trusses in situ and the retention of all the Northern Strand Stage 1 arches in situ and the retention of the NSW Tennis Association Gate."


In Condition B11 of the following words are added after "parking": "in relation to the peak demand of the whole facility"; and at the end of the first paragraph of the condition after the word "Development" the words are added "to the satisfaction of Council".