Redevelopment of White City (DA 438/2015)

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Application approved

The Sydney East Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) approved the White City redevelopment application at 30 Alma Street Paddington (Development Application No 438/2015 – Stage 1 – Indicative building envelopes, use and heritage interpretation strategy) on 15 December 2015. The approval was generally in accordance with the recommendation of our staff's assessment report. Details of the decision, our staff's report and other relevant information are available on the JRPP's website.


Our staff prepared an assessment report for consideration by the JRPP. The JRPP thought the assessment report was well-considered, well written and comprehensive. As such the Panel adopted the views expressed in the Council's Assessment Report and unanimously adopted the staff recommendation for a conditional approval in full with the addition of the following:

An additional bullet point was added to Condition B9 "Retention of a minimum of 15 of the 19 Southern Stand trusses in situ and the retention of all the Northern Strand Stage 1 arches in situ and the retention of the NSW Tennis Association Gate."


In Condition B11 of the following words are added after "parking": "in relation to the peak demand of the whole facility"; and at the end of the first paragraph of the condition after the word "Development" the words are added "to the satisfaction of Council".