The Scots College - underground car parking, tennis courts, and increased student numbers (DA 390/2019)

In This Section

Council has received a development application (DA) for the demolition and subsequent re-instatement of the 4 McIntyre tennis courts (to competition standard) to allow construction of a new underground car parking with access off Cranbrook Lane in the Victoria Road East Precinct of The Scots College, and an increase to the approved student numbers.

The Applicant’s Statement of Environmental Effects states that “the proposal forms the second part of a two-part plan to better deal with traffic and parking issues associated with the day to day operation of the college. The first part involves the construction of a new on-site student drop‑off/pick‑up zone in the existing at-grade parking area off Ginahgulla Road in the Victoria Road West Precinct of the College, for which a separate but concurrent DA has been lodged with Council” (DA 389/2019/1).

The Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel is the consent authority for this application as the DA has a capital investment value of more than $5 million, and relates to an educational establishment.

Status of application

The DA was lodged on 11 October 2019. Council has undertaken a review of the DA documentation and determined that additional information is required to enable an assessment of the proposal.

Public exhibition

On receipt of the requested additional information, the DA will be advertised and notified in accordance with Section A2 - Advertising and Notification, of Council’s Woollahra Development Control Plan 2015.

Description of the proposal

The proposal involves:

  • the demolition of existing tennis courts and associated fencing;
  • the construction of a basement car park comprising 80 car parking spaces, 8 motorcycle spaces and 8 bicycle spaces accessed via a relocated vehicular access off Cranbrook Lane along with a sports oval service vehicle area and general sports equipment storage space;
  • the creation of a new surface level car parking area (3 spaces) for persons with a disability;
  • the reinstatement of the tennis courts on the roof of the new basement car park;
  • the installation of low-glare, low spread, night lighting to facilitate the use of the tennis courts up until 9pm;
  • associated tree removal and protection; and
  • an increase in the approved student capacity (i.e. 1,120 students) to 1,520 students on the Victoria Road campus of the Scots College once DA389/2019/1 and DA 390/2019/1 are implemented.

Assessment of application

Council staff will review any submissions received and prepare an assessment report. The report will include a summary of any submissions and a recommendation to approve (with or without special conditions), or to refuse the development application.

The assessment report will be provided to the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel, and a public meeting of the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel will be held where the DA will be considered.

The public meeting provides an opportunity for the community and interested stakeholders to have their say before the Panel makes a decision.

Once the public meeting date is set, those parties who have made a submission will be notified of the meeting and provided with information on the meeting process. This will include information on how to register with the secretariat to address the panel.

How do I view the DA plans and documents?

The DA plans and documents can be viewed using the DA tracking tool.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact the Assessment Officer - Ms P Frecklington on 02 9391 7168 between 8:30am and 11:00am Tuesday and Wednesday.