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How are Development Applications assessed

In This Section

What is the process?

DA assessment process

  1. Once you submit your DA, it goes through an initial review and is assigned to an assessment team.
  2. If necessary, your application will be sent for expert referrals to applicable bodies internal and external to Council.
  3. Most applications then have an advertising and notification period where local residents are able to comment or object to your development.
  4. We then assess your DA - common reasons why you may experience assessment delays.
  5. You are then notified of the determination (approval or rejection) of your DA.

Track your DA throughout this process.

How long will it take to determine your application?

This varies according to a number of issues including:

  • the complexity of the proposed development,
  • whether or not it needs to be publicly advertised/notified,
  • whether or not it complies with the rules,
  • whether or not objections are received, and
  • the range and complexity of issues that may need to be considered.

As a guide, the first table below shows the average time taken for Council to determine applications over the last two quarters of 2015-2016 and three quarters of 2016-2017.

The table also indicates the difference in time frames according to the level of delegation exercised in determining the matter.

Summary of Determinations

Gross average determination time for Development applications - This includes STOP THE CLOCK, the time we wait for applicants to provide additional information

Jan-Mar 15-16861482061531400119
Apr-Jun 15-16811672372062110106
Jul-Sep 16-17821602242004970124
Oct-Dec 16-17811682152102440125
Jan-Mar 16-1782183178256361163117

Number of Development Applications determined

Jan-Mar 15-167226131230126
Apr-Jun  15-16991671430139
Jul-Sep  16-171011991920150
Oct-Dec 16-17972572540158
Jan-Mar 16-17991621131132
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