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Planning proposal for Ian Street and Wilberforce Avenue Car Parks, Rose Bay

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Woollahra Council has exhibited a planning proposal in relation to Ian Street and Wilberforce Avenue Car Parks, Rose Bay.

The planning proposal is to change the land use zoning, height and floor space ratio (FSR) controls in Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 as follows:

Ian Street Car Park

  • rezone the land from Special Purpose Zone Infrastructure (Car Park) to Business Zone - Local Centre,
  • allow ‘residential flat building’ as an additional permitted use on the site
  • increase the maximum building height from 10.5m (3 storeys) to 14.1m (4 storeys),
  • apply a floor space ratio of 2:1 (none currently applies).

Wilberforce Avenue Car Park

  • increase the maximum building height from 14.1m (4 storeys) to 17.2m (5 storeys).

In summary, these changes would facilitate a four storey building on the Ian Street Car Park site and a five storey building on the Wilberforce Avenue Car Park site.

Public exhibition details

Public exhibition of the planning proposal was held from Wednesday 26 April until Friday 2 June 2017.

The exhibition documents are provided below:

Part 1 - Planning proposal and supplementary information

Part 2 Gateway determination and authorisation

Part 3 - Relevant planning controls

Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 (written instrument and maps)

List of state environmental planning policies (SEPPs) and regional environmental plans (REPs)

Directions under section 117 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (13 January 2017)

Part 4 - NSW Department of Planning and Environment publications

A guide to preparing local environmental plans (January 2017)

Guideline – Disclosure of political donations and gifts (October 2008)


For more information contact Council's Strategic Planners on 9391 7087.


How will this project be implemented?

The project will be implemented in two stages, and you will have an opportunity to comment on both.

During Stage 1, Council proposes to amend the planning controls for the two sites to facilitate the development. These changes are now on exhibition and we want your feedback.

During Stage 2, a development application will be prepared for each site. This is expected to take place during the first half of 2018. Comment will be invited on what the buildings will look like, what activities will take place and how construction will be managed.

How many new parking spaces will be provided?

Council seeks to provide an additional 100 public parking spaces, in addition to the 144 existing parking spaces in the Ian Street and Wilberforce Avenue car parks. The majority of this car parking will be provided on the Wilberforce Avenue site.

Where will people park during construction?

Council is considering options to manage parking during construction. As part of Stage 2, a construction management plan will be prepared which will include details on traffic and parking management.

How will the multi-purpose community centre be used?

A study in 2011 identified a need for a new community facility in Rose Bay of between 500m² and 750m², which would provide for a range of activities including:

  • Two or more activity rooms;
  • Meeting rooms for different sized groups;
  • Appropriate space for specific youth and seniors activities;
  • Workshop space for art/craft activities;
  • Activity room/s opening onto a fenced play area for children’s activities;
  • Community office space/s and reception area.

The final composition of community rooms and spaces will form part of the Stage 2 development application.

Will the development concept in the planning proposal be constructed?

No, the development concept has been prepared to demonstrate that buildings can be constructed under the proposed controls that fit with the character of Rose Bay whilst providing good amenity to the surrounding area. A final form would be developed as part of the development application in Stage 2.

How many new apartments will there be?

There is no set figure for the number of apartments. However, the concept developed to support the planning proposal identifies 25 apartments. The total number of dwellings would be defined and you will have the opportunity to comment as part of the development application process during Stage 2.

Would the development have an adverse impact on traffic through the village?

The traffic report found there would not be a negative impact to traffic flows through the village under the concept used to support the planning proposal. Further traffic impact analysis would be undertaken as part of the development application process during Stage 2.

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