Planning proposal for Gaden House, 2A Cooper Street, Double Bay

In This Section

Woollahra Council exhibited a planning proposal in relation to Gaden House, Double Bay. Gaden House is located at 2A Cooper Street, Double Bay (also known as 24-26 Bay Street, Double Bay) and is legally known as Lots 11 and 12 DP 4606.

The objective of the planning proposal is to amend Woollahra Local Environmental Plan 2014 (Woollahra LEP 2014), to list Gaden House, including its interiors, as a heritage item. Heritage listing will provide ongoing protection and recognition of the heritage significance of the building and interiors.

To enable this objective the planning proposal seeks to amend Woollahra LEP 2014 in the following manner:

  • Insert a listing for Gaden House, including its interiors, in Part 1 Heritage Items of Schedule 5 Environmental Heritage.
  • Amend the Heritage Map (Sheet HER_003A) to identify a heritage item on the site of Gaden House at 2A Cooper Street, Double Bay.

The gateway determination does not authorise Council as the local plan-making authority to make the LEP.

Public exhibition material

Public exhibition of the planning proposal was held from Wednesday 27 February to Friday 29 March 2019. The key exhibition documents are provided below:


For more information contact Council’s Strategic Planners on 9391 7087.