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Construction begins on Woollahra's first synthetic sports field

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Published: 15 December 2016

The new synthetic turf will bring many benefits for local sports clubs, players and the Woollahra community more broadly, including:

  • More opportunities for play - unlike the existing sports field, the synthetic field can be used during periods of heavy rain or drought meaning games can go on in all weather
  • Increased usage - synthetic turf is more robust than natural turf so there will be a major increase on how long the field can be used each week, meaning the community can make the most of the field throughout the year
  • Safer playing surfaces - synthetic turf provides a more consistent surface, mirroring the criteria of many natural sports fields. The development of standards for these type of surfaces by the peak sporting bodies has been one of the reasons for the rapid acceptance of synthetic surfaces by the community
  • Environmental aspects - the synthetic turf doesn't need to be watered and doesn't require the use of herbicides and pesticides making it environmentally sustainable. The in-fill will also be made from cork - an organic substance
  • Meeting future community needs - the use of synthetic turf will help to cater for our community's current and future sporting and recreation needs.

The new synthetic field is expected to be ready for use at the end of January 2017. View the plans for the new field.

To see how the construction is progressing, check out the timelapse video below.

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