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The Woollahra Council Plaque Scheme is driven by community suggestion and relies upon the public making interesting and viable proposals.

There are three stages to assist you navigate the process of proposing a plaque.

Stage 1: Meeting the criteria

There are rules to bear in mind and in order to be eligible:

  • Except where exceptional circumstances exist, a person must have been dead for ten years or have passed the centenary of their birth, whichever is the earlier, and have resided in the Woollahra Local Government area
  • Proposals will be considered for commemoration where significant historical or cultural events in the history of the Woollahra Municipality or Australia as a nation took place. Please note that nomination for a plaque and the decision to award one is not a substitute for the assessment of heritage significance carried out for potential heritage items. The award of a plaque does not represent a decision of Council to elevate a building or place to the status of a heritage item.

Once you are certain that the proposal meets this basic criteria, a formal nomination may be made. The closing date for the annual selection of plaques is at the end of November each year.

Stage 2: Submitting a proposal

After having made certain that your proposal meets the basic criteria and having read the full selection criteria, a formal proposal may be submitted by the following methods:

Applications can be sent either by letter or scanned and forwarded by email to localhistory@woollahra.nsw.gov.au at any time throughout the year.

Postal address

Woollahra Plaques Advisory Committee
Local History Centre
PO Box 61, Double Bay NSW 1360

In case of any further queries, please contact the Local History Centre on 9391 7942.

Stage 3: Consent and installation

What happens after you make a proposal

Your proposal will be checked by the Woollahra Plaques Advisory Committee to ensure that the basic criteria have been met. Eligible proposals will then be passed to a Local Studies librarian, who will carry out research for consideration by the Woollahra Plaques Advisory Committee at its next meeting.

The decision will be one of two alternatives:

1. Suggestion has been shortlisted

If the Woollahra Plaques Advisory Committee decides that the proposal merits a plaque, the Committee will make a recommendation to Council. Due to the limited numbers we are able to erect each year shortlisted suggestions may be held over to a following year.

2. Suggestion has been unsuccessful

If your suggestion is rejected by Woollahra Council, the application will proceed no further. Unsuccessful proposals cannot be reconsidered until ten years have passed from the date of rejection.

You will be sent a letter informing you of Woollahra Council's decision.

Consent and installation

Before a plaque can be erected, the location of individual plaques needs to be consistent with current planning, heritage and environmental policies and Plans of Management for Woollahra Council. In cases where a plaque is to be installed on privately owned buildings or sites, permission must be requested and given by the owners of the building in question. If an owner is not in agreement then the proposal cannot go ahead at that address.

The design of the plaque is decided by Woollahra Council.

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