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Save energy

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Standby power can account for up to 10% of household energy use. Home office and entertainment appliances are the worst offenders. Switch appliances off at the power button or, better still, switch them off at the wall.

  • Install an energy efficient hot water system (e.g. solar)
  • Install energy efficient light globes
  • Maximise the use of natural light
  • Switch off lights when not in use or when you leave a room
  • Use timers or sensors on outdoor lights
  • Insulate the ceiling and walls of your home
  • Wash you clothes in cold or warm water
  • Dry your clothes in the clothes line rather than in the dryer
  • Switch off appliances when not in use
  • Get rid of your second fridge. Learn more about the Fridge Buyback scheme
  • Switch to Green Power and have your electricity supplied from renewable energy sources.

Learn more energy saving tips from Energy Australia

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