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Greater Sydney Commission Revised Draft Eastern City District Plan

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The Greater Sydney Commission is listening and learning from people with a vast range of expertise and interests. To date they have engaged with individuals and groups from across Sydney. More than 15,000 people have attended one of their workshops, meetings or events to share their views. Local government officers, state government staff, peak bodies and community groups have also provided valuable feedback.

This collaboration has informed the preparation of the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan and the draft District Plans which are on public exhibition until Friday 15 December 2017. Formal submissions can be made throughout this period.

Last year the Greater Sydney Commission launched District Plans, a fundamental way to manage Greater Sydney’s smart growth. They incorporated all feedback, and released revised versions with a 20-year plan and a 40-year vision.


If you have any questions regarding the formal submission process, please contact:

Email: engagement@gsc.nsw.gov.au
Post: Greater Sydney Commission - Draft District Plans, PO Box 257, Parramatta NSW 2124.
Tel: 1800 617 681

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